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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Content Based Language Learning

What you're talking about here is what content based learning is all about. Rather than learning vocabulary, grammar, etc in isolation (and boy can that ever be frustrating) we improve our language skills by combining things that interest us with the language. Whether it's comedy, history, or whatever, combining hobbies and interests with language is a very powerful and motivating tool.


About motivating yourself--it is such a difficult thing to understand
about oneself let along about trying to motivate others.

For me I have always loved comedy and movies, so lately I watch
a lot of comedy, but in Japanese. I try to use what I already
enjoy to motivate myself to study (but in a passive way--by watching
TV). I find my Japanese improving and I enjoy watching the comedy.
Plus it is an activity I share with the whole family.

I play sports and converse in Japanese with my Japanese buddies then.
My study of Nihongo at this point is pretty indirect, but I still
find myself improving.


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