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Friday, July 20, 2007

OLL: Question/Answer Tag

This is an activity I have done for years off and on with childrens classes. You pre-teach a new question each class and make sure the class understands how to ask and answer it. ie) Can you play baseball?
As the weeks go by they have more potential questions they can ask and answer.

You go outside or can do it in a large room on a rainy day. If it is a class of 6 or more I usually have two or more people be it. The people who are it, try to touch those who are not. When they do they must
ask a question. The child touched must answer it, and then she or he is it and must try to touch someone else. Optional: You can have them count to ten before they touch someone else, otherwise they sometimes just touch the same child over and over again.

We usually play it until we are too tired. It is a big hit with the children and a lot of English is
spoken in a very fun way.

What are your ideas for OLL?

Kevin Burns

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