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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the Future of the Whole World

Though I agree that we need to start thinking about what kind of alternative forms of power we are going to use not just in Japan, but worldwide. I don`t think now is the time to debate this in Japan. We need to deal with first things first, which is getting the people up north houses and safe, and fixing the reactors or burying them if that is what is needed.

Most importantly we need to stay positive that we can get all of the above done in a timely manner. It is still winter up north and will be cold for a few months more.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

On Teaching English in Japan

  • How do you teach English in Japan?

  • What are the first steps you should take?

  • YOUR Stories Your best, worst, strangest and funniest teaching experiences!

  • How much are the salaries in Japan?

  • Oikawa san of Keio, keeps us mindful of some important aspects of teaching

  • Professor John F. Fanselow of Columbia University Teachers College, observes that what you think is happening in the classroom may not be what is happening at all

  • Jobs in Japan for Americans, the unique American situation

  • How do you learn Japanese for free or cheaply?

  • Conrad Matsumoto enlightens us with his "almost no prep activities"

  • How do you teach young children?

  • Chris Weber gives us his hard won advice on teaching English to Japanese

  • David Martin of EFL Press talks about how to be an Effective EFL teacher

  • Should you teach on the JET Program?

  • How do you teach English online?

  • Devanshe Chauhan explains classroom management for newbies

  • What are the Japanese people like?

  • What should I know about working visas?

  • What are the big schools like?

  • Thomas Anderson weighs in on how he teaches university students

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    Saturday, March 26, 2011

    Donate to Help Japan

    The fickle media is all ready deserting Japan for other if it bleeds it leads stories.
    the biggest disaster in Japanese history continues and we need your help!

    Imagine America losing her west coast. This is essentially what has happened for a much smaller and less populous nation. This disaster
    is unprecedented in Japanese history.

    The Latest News from Japan


    Saturday, December 11, 2010

    English Grammar for Kids

    Grammar for Kids

    English Grammar for Kids

    by Aarti Thomas

    It is not that easy teaching English grammar for kids as it has many nuances the child has to learn, and the kids find learning all these rules rather boring. So here are some tips to help you teach kids English grammar.

    1. You can make your students learn to properly use English grammar only if you yourself are a role model to them. As a teacher you thus have to make it a point to use proper grammar in your speech and writing, and don’t make mistakes in subject-verb agreement. This way, students learn how to implement grammar in their speech and writing, and thus, develop grammar rules on their own. Read More


    Sunday, November 28, 2010

    Books Wanted in Nepal

    Have books cluttering up your apartment? Donate them!

    Donate them to a worth cause! A library in Nepal!

    You can send the books to the following address:
    Ashish Chandra Shrestha
    Post box no: 20306

    Thank you for your concern.

    Ashish Prakash Community Library


    Thursday, November 25, 2010


    How can I improve my English? Part 1:英会話の学習方法について
    by Kevin Burns
    英会話の学習方法について by Kevin Burns, owner of Kevin`s 英会話スクール日本に居ながらにして英語が話せるようになるのはなかなか難しいことです。だけど、できないというわけではありません。英語を習うに当っては「ローマは一日にしてならず」という諺があてはまるのを忘れないでください。 Kevin & Friends 英語が流暢に話せるようになるには時間がかかります。英会話を習うのはちょうどクラシックピアノを習うようなもので、自転車の乗り方を覚えたり水泳を習ったりするのとは訳が違います。例えば水泳を習う場合はその成果が短期間に分かります

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    翻訳 - KES Translation Service

    (See the English Explanation Below) KES 翻訳サービス ネイティブスピーカー(英語)と日本語を話せるスタッフがおります。あなたの翻訳文を正確にします。 翻訳をする人ケビンバーンズ、バーンズ郁美、須貝綾子 国籍  カナダ、日本 eメール、手紙、契約書、会社資料、エッセイ、履歴書、推薦状、報告書、論文、学校の論文、ウェブサイトのコンテンツ、パンフレット、記事、マニュアルなど、なんでも翻訳いたします。 過去のクライアント富士フイルム、富士機器、内科医、GSユアサ、化成オプトニクス(現三菱化学)、諸星産業、たまご薬局、南足柄郵便局のスタッフ、など。 翻訳代金日本語から英語 漢字1文字につき5円英語から日本語 英単語1つにつき10円 見積もりが必要であれば、メールでファイルを送信してください。
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    Saturday, April 04, 2009

    Kevin`s School Days

    Can you guess which one I am?