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Saturday, July 28, 2007

KES Model Day at our Tsukahara School in Minami Ashigara

by Chris Zanella

So I held my first model class here. We thought this would be a good weekend but it turns out the students are all on summer break. And, there is a big soccer camp going on now that some of my students were attending. So I only had 6 students but I will be doing this again in September after my summer break.

The models I bought the same weekend I went to the Tokyo Toy show. The store owner of Leonardo's gave me a huge discount on the models shown in picture #1, so they only cost about 50-60 cents each plus some I had in there for myself not pictured (those were about $10.00 each). Leonardo's is the place that was a used shop with 5 floors and 8 locations in Japan.

I showed the students how to remove with sprue cutters and to file the nubs left behind away. I was afraid hobby knives might be a little much for some of them. The students were as young as 5 and the oldest I believe was 9. We used the closest thing I could find to sharpies for painting. And there was very little gluing needed so I did that for each model.

I hope you guys enjoy the pics.

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