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Monday, October 22, 2007

Kevin`s English Schools Requires Native English Teachers

Training Starts Feb. 14th, 2009. Must be able to commit for one year or more.

One Year Contract -- Renewable

*Must have a University Degree. B.ed or other teaching related degree preferred but not necessary. TESL, TESOL, TEFL, RSA or other TESL or TEFL Training and/or previous experience preferred.

*Teach in a Canadian, Victorian House (materials imported from Cloverdale, British Columbia, ariver-side cottage like schoolwith a Canadian style General Store on the first floor, and some other very cozy schools in Kanagawa, Japan.

Our Tsukahara School is in a cottage-like building a stone`s throw from theKari River. Both of our Minami Ashigara schools are in a pretty rivervalley. This school has a Western style, "cowboy," veranda surrounding the firstfloor`s General Store.

Our Anne School (Minami Ashigara) is a Canadian Victorian style house. The materials were imported fromCloverdale, British Columbia.

Our Kamonomiya school is in the most desirable area of Odawara, near shops, restaurants,and the train station.

We try to create a very warm environment for our teachers and students.

Title of position: Fulltime Native English Teacher


____Iizawa 242-23, Minami Ashigara City, Kangawa Pref. 250-0122 Japan_

Telephone: _81-(0)465-74-4458_________________ Fax: ___Same


WWW address:

Contact person: ___Ikumi or Kevin Burns

Inquiries should include (please mark with an 'X'):

_X_CV/resume __diploma(s) _X_letter of introduction __essay

__publications (# __) _X_photo __teaching certification(s)

__transcripts __letters of recommendation __video/audio Tape

__Other (health certificate, etc.) _

Describe position/duties: (please use additional lines if necessary)

Wehire native speakers from all English speaking countries. One YearContract.Teach children to adults and some company classes. 20-28hrsper week.Very attractive furnisheded apartment provided. Rent¥63,000/Month No Key Money!

Free Japanese lessons provided whileyou work for us. Canadian owned andco-managed. The Canadian stillteaches, so understands what it`s like 'in thetrenches.' No longcrowded train travel!

You will not be a number! You will be avery important part of our team. It isour family business. If we don`tkeep our teachers and students happy, we don`teat! Our business is notjust about making money. We care about our teachers andstudents. Whenyou finally leave us, you will probably shed more than a fewtears. Fourweeks of paid vacation (2 weeks at Christmas and 2 weeks inthesummertime). No cliche! It is a great area to live in!

Special skills/requirements:

__Required:A university degree. We want people who don`t view teaching English as'something to do until they get a real job.' This is a real job.

Wewant people who regard teaching English to Japanese people,as somethingthat is very valuable to our students and to themselves asteachers;even if they don`t want to pursue teaching English as a long-termcareer.

Teaching English for our schools, should be somethingyou really, really want todo. This isn`t just a job. It is anadventure. We truly believe that.

Application deadline:



Hours/week: _20-28Salary: _¥250,000/Month________Class load _20-28 hours per week.

*Wealso require part-time teachers who live in our area now, and cancoverclasses when teachers are sick or on vaction. Contact Ayako Sugaiif you are interestedin part-time teaching work: 74-4458. Give her yourname and phone number and askher to keep you on file for vacationrelief and sick leave work.

Minimum university degree(s) REQUIRED (please indicate all):

_x_BA _x_BS __MA __Ph.D. __Other _Any university degree is fine.*

Wedon`t accept diplomas, you must have a degree. We prefer someonewho hasshown the intelligence and perseverence to complete a university degree.

University degree(s) PREFERRED

_x_BA _x_BS __MA __Ph.D. Other

Subject specialization (please indicate all):

__Education, English

Prfessional certification(s) REQUIRED (please indicate all):

__TESL/ESL __Teaching __RSA __Other

Professional certification(s) PREFERRED (please indicate all):

_x_TESL/ESL _x_Teaching _x_RSA _x_Other ___CELTA_

Experience required (years/level/etc.):

None,we will train you! We have a two week training program, in whichyouwill observe all of our teachers, teaching. You will be given someteachingmethodology books to study as well.

Japanese speaking ability not required.

Applicant's visa status (please indicate one):

Wewill sponsor and we will renew visas. *Commonwealth citizens 30 yearsof ageor younger can obtain a working holiday visa, which is a greatvisa to start with!

Accommodation is (please indicate):

_x_Included __Partially provided __Not included

__Other(or details) __x__Rent for our furnished apartment is 60,000-65,000Yen/Month*Must pay 2,000 Yen per month leasing fee for furniture andutilities.

Position includes (please indicate all):

_x_Paid holidays _x_Completion bonus __Travel allowance

__Moving/relocation allowance _x_Paid vacation __Airfare

__Health insurance __Research allowance

__Other(or details) _____We don`t pay for airfare but you will get a\\100,000One year contract completion bonus after completing yourcontract.

*The best health insurance in Japan is JapaneseNational Health Insurance. That is what Ihave had for the past 16years. It is very inexpensive and teachers pay for their own healthinsurance.

Contract information:

Length: ___1yr_____ Renewable? _Yes_______ How many times? _Until death.____

Instruct applicants to contact your institution by:

_x_Mail __Fax __Telephone _x_E-mail __In-person

__Other (or details) ______________________________________________

Other important information:

Weare proud that we are very different from the large schools here. Wefeel that ourstudents and teachers recognize our caring attitudetowards our business. Take a look at our homepage to see what I mean.Our schools are very homey and that empitomizes theteaching environmentwe have.

Our attitudes towards life and work are very down to earth. If that sounds likeyou then please apply!


WWW address:

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